Saturday, 9 July 2016

Bags of stuff

The Madwoman has a new activity bag ..
the old one was starting to fall apart, so she expended some money on
this one she spotted in a charity shop ... it is HUGE!
Which of course, is good news as there will be even more room for all the things
 she is obliged to carry around when we go on walks and adventures,
such as water, first aid kit, toys, coats and coolers, treats ...
you know, the usual sort of stuff.
Beats us how some folk manage to go for a walk with nothing but a bumbag.
And no, there is no kitchen sink in there, before you ask. 
We already checked.


Joan Lennon said...

Love the new bag, though I'm not sure you're wearing it properly.

Susan Price said...

Geeer in there! On yer ed my son!

madwippitt said...

Thank you ... Joan, we shall wear it any way we please, because we are wippitts, so naturally, whatever we do will be right ... Susan ... Do we know you?