Sunday, 22 June 2014

Cross dressing

We are resigned to the fact that the Madwoman is not 
the brightest of creatures, but sometimes her powers of observation
and lack of attention to detail amaze even us.
It was only when we all arrived at the Open Air Museum yesterday 
that she noticed that she had put the wrong collars on us - 
Archie was wearing Angel's, and Angel was wearing Archie's.
"Unisex! Unisex!" she kept saying to us, while changing them over,
as if that was supposed to be some consolation, or even a feeble excuse for
getting it so wrong. 
It was a warm day even by early morning, so we only had a short stroll, 
and kept to the shadiest areas.
It was only when we paused in the welcome leafy shade of the tree
on the village green to have a drink that she noticed that 
although we were now wearing the right collars,
we were wearing each other's muzzles.
Oh the shame ...
right collars, wrong muzzles ...


Joan Lennon said...

Transvestites of the world salute you!

madwippitt said...