Saturday, 28 June 2014

Stars in our eyes

Hmmm .... looks like more filming going on
at the Open Air Museum ...

 Are they expecting trouble?
Mind you, some of the sheep here can give you a very Nasty Look.
More sensitive types could find it quite hurtful.

 Ah, here we are.
A village fete sorta kinda thing.
To advertise Subway ... can't say we've ever seen
any Subway stalls at any of the village fetes we've been to, 
so the setting seems a bit bizarre.

Oooooh look!
It says Pinewood!
Here we are!
Waiting the call!

Here we are posing with some of the stars of the ad.
Yes, they're props.
Let us tell you, all those actor-y types would be lost without 
the real stars of the show, the props!
Although we thought the barrels were perhaps a little wooden ...