Sunday, 15 June 2014

Curiouser and curiouser

There are Heavy Horses at Chiltern Open Air Museum this weekend.
In these days of political correctness, 
shouldn't they be called 'Weight Challenged ' or something?

We were too early to see any, but did find this notice.
Doesn't look like a particular dangerous or ferocious field.
Just shows you never can tell. 
Hope someone tells the Fat - sorrry - the Weight Challenged Horses.


Joan Lennon said...

How about Humungous Hairy-footed Horses? (I do love their feet!)

madwippitt said...

You missed the opportunity for a bit of extra alliteration there ... Humungous Hairy Hoofed Horses? We do like a bit of alliteration, us! :-)

Susan Price said...

Evvy Osses - love 'em!