Tuesday, 24 June 2014

To the rescue!

A bit of high drama last night.
Not to mention house demolishing
and very bad DIY ...

It all started when there was a noise like  half a ton of bricks
falling down the chimney.
We've heard it before so knew immediately that
 it was another bird falling down it. 
We roused the Madwoman out of her torpor
on the sofa and she undid the hole that already exists in 
the boarded-up fireplace from where birds have fallen down before.
This one was too big to get out of the hole though.

She stuck the camera in side to see what was in there
and it turned out to be a pigeon. 

Obviously too fat after stuffing itself on birdseed in the garden ...
So The Madwoman fetched the tree branch saw from 
the garden shed and made the hole bigger.
It still couldn't get out.
So she made the hole even bigger ...

Eventually, it decided that the dimensions were
satisfactory, and out it popped.

We've had a starling in there before (the same one twice), 
and a jackdaw. Now a pigeon. 
They are getting bigger all the time.
What will be next? 
A swan?
Just checking that the hole is empty
And double checking. Very important, is double-checking
Okay, the clear-up crew can move in now
And yet another bad DIY job ...


Joan Lennon said...

Your Mad Woman will be spoken of with awe and gratitude in the branches of trees everywhere!

Susan Price said...

I agree, Joan - what team-work!

madwippitt said...

It has not put us off roast turkey though. Still waiting for one of those to fall down the chimney ...