Monday, 5 December 2011

Keeping warm

Looking luscious

It's been a bit nippy out and about lately, so we've been dressing up warmly. We don't have a lot of fur, and our tums are even more scantily covered than our backs (Archie is a bit of a Whippendale, with a completely bald chest) so an extensive wardrobe isn't a luxury but a necessity. We started off with our lightweight fleeces, then moved on to our Equafleeces, and now temperatures have dropped a bit more are wearing our Hotterdog jumpers which help keep the wind from whistling round our undercarriages. We like them because they are really snuggly and soft: the Madwoman likes them because they are easy to wash and brightly coloured so she can see where we are when we're running around. When it gets even colder we'll model our super-toasty designer coats for you. In the meantime, if you fancy a Hotterdog jumper of your own, you can buy them from Rachael at

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