Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Seeing stars

And not a single person asked us for a pawtograph!

We went for a stroll round the Open Air Museum this afternoon: Horrible Histories were busy filming there. We watched for a while as witches, soldiers and kings wandered around and rehearsed a bit, whilst pursued by a flock of film crew people: it would appear that for every actor there are at least 6 other people - that's the ratio we counted here but no doubt there are more as there were hordes of others in the carpark.
We quickly got bored but had to wait to set off down the track towards our car until they'd finished dragging a portaloo along it, leaving it in place next to the field they were filming in. When we passed it there was a sign hanging on the door saying 'Out of order'. So what was the point of going to all that bother? Especially as there is a much nicer permanent toilet block right next to the field anyway ...
The whole thing is a mystery to us. Not that we ever use them ourselves you understand: the seats are poorly designed for wippitts, and far too high. No, we make do with a bit of grass (watch out for nettles) or discreetly behind a tree if one is conveniently handy. Of course, you do need to take a human with you to pick up the more ... solid ... offerings.

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