Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Party animals

Opening my presents .... It's a tortoise!

A game of Blindwippitt's Buff, using my new blanky ... Angel takes advantage to steal my tortoise

It's my birthday today (I'm eight if you're interested) and if Angel can have can have a whole post to herself when it's her turn, then so can I. Breakfast was followed by a strawberry and after a brief lie-in, the rain held off for my birthday run with lots of balls to chase ... then we came back and after a detour via the butcher's (you'd think the Madwoman would attempt to plan ahead a bit more. She's known now for months that it's my birthday today) to collect some chicken for my birthday tea, I finally got to open my presents. I got a new fleece blanky like Angel's, only a proper butch boy-blue, some stinky sticks (strips of dried tripe. Delicious. You really must try them - but buy your own. I'm not sharing) and a squeaky tortoise. Then we had some party games, including frisbee catching, and one of our favourites, Press the Button, which involves a LOT of treats and running around, so is always good fun. Just time for a nap before tea ... if the Madwoman pulls her finger out and gets on with cooking the chicken for it.

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