Friday, 7 October 2011


This morning we chased tennis balls and squeaky toy bunnies, then this afternoon we returned to the Chiltern Open Air Museum to do a bit of stalking - this time of the Horrible Histories cast. We ran them to ground eating their lunch (no, they didn't offer to share) and the Madwoman flourished a DVD under their noses and asked them to sign it. They kindly agreed - although we suspect that it was possibly to get her to go away so they could eat in peace and quiet ... Of course, it could also have had a lot to do with the fact that we looked our very cutest, and that the signed DVD is in aid of raising money for the Emergency Kennelling fund being organised by Sighthounds Online. This is to help those dogs in pounds which have only a seven-day stay before being euthanased find a place in emergency kennelling while a place in rescue kennels or a home is being sorted out for them. One of our predecessors, a big hairy person called Boris, was rescued on his last day by the Madwoman, so it's a fund raiser close to her heart. We think it's a pretty good idea too.
So please thank Horrible Histories and it's lovely cast, and please support Sighthounds Online -you can find out more at - and keep an eye out there for details of how you can place a bid for the autographed DVD!

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