Thursday, 8 September 2011

To the rescue!

Like a fish out of water ... well, it was, earlier. Meet Blondie.

The Madwoman has been taking things easy for the last few days, so we've been putting our paws up too ... it was action stations this morning though when she went out to feed the fish (there are two which live in the front garden) and found that one had managed to beach itself on top of a bit of vegetation near the edge. We thought it was only whales that did that, but it would appear that goldfish can too. First of all there were shrieks when she thought it was dead, but then it started panting, so she quickly scooped it back into the deep end while we supervised. It seems to be okay - we all trooped out to check on it again before going for our morning run - lets hope it's sense of direction has improved and it doesn't do it again, as we're just about to settle down for a nap and would prefer not to be disturbed by any further fishy goings-on.

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