Tuesday, 29 April 2014


No, we are not turning into sloths, like the Madwoman keeps saying
(Huh! She can talk.)
The reason we are taking it easy is because
Archie is on bed rest again as he has split a web between the toes on a back paw.
So no zoomies, nor even a sedate stroll round the Open Air Museum today.
Please send healing thoughts as we are bored already.
Better still, send healing thoughts AND roast turkey and gravy bones! 


Penny Dolan said...

Such a tough life! Hope the foot is better but weren't you lying there like that when your foot was not damaged one bit?

Joan Lennon said...

Would having a new pen friend help? There's a very fine wippitt called Isaac resident here at Hospitalfield. Just now he tried to eat my banana. I may have inadvertently broken some wippitt rule because I kept it for myself ...

Catherine Czerkawska said...

They don't look TOO badly off! Hope the foot improves soon.

madwippitt said...

Wow! Three comments! Our moistest ever! Now we're feeling almost popular ...
Well spotted Penny: a repeat pic, due to the slothfulness and usual standards of incompetence of the Madwoman. Battery in the camera needed changing and she muttered stuff about being a bit busy and that no-one would notice if we used an old pic. Ha! As usual we were right and she was wrong.
Joan - Another pen friend sounds fun. We already have FB friends including Fletcher the Norty Whippet and Louie Greyhound and Luigi Whippet and Dusty and Pippa the Iggies. But there's always room for more! As for the banana incident - shocking. Fancy not sharing! We love fruit, although please don't ever offer us grapes as they are poisonous to dogs. Even when peeled :-)