Sunday, 6 April 2014

Running sideways


We seem to have acquired a new talent, 
thanks to the Madwoman's usual ineptidude with a camera.
Honestly, you'd think it wouldn't be too much to 
expect her to be able to at least hold it 
pointing the right way round wouldn't you?
But no.
So here we are, running sideways.
We suggest you lie down on the floor to watch it 
so you don't get a crick in your neck.


Joan Lennon said...

Watch the wippitt with
velcro paws race the green wall - there and back again -

A haiku for you!

madwippitt said...

ohhhhh! We are so honoured! Thank you for our haiku Joan, it is perfect and we love it! We would like to nominate you for the current vacant post of Wippitt Laureate if you're available?

madwippitt said...

Or should that be Wippoet Laureate? :-)

Joan Lennon said...

Spell it any way you like - I would be honoured!