Thursday, 17 April 2014

Busy, busy, busy!

It has been a busy week for us so far.

By Wednesday we were already having to snatch dognaps wherever we could.

See? We told you it was an enormous schnozzle
On Sunday we went to Bath to visit the Madwoman's horse.
He has a huge nose and ate all the carrots which we thought the Madwoman had packed as snacks for us. We're partial to a crunchy carrot. Or two. 
Three is even better if a rare occurrence.

While there we checked out the Dog Friendly Garden. 
Archie snooped around and chased a few tennis balls (as usual, the Madwoman hadn't packed his favourite ones - all tennis balls are equal, but some are more equal than others.) 
You can read more about this over at the website HERE

Angel sulked for a bit as she wasn't allowed off the leash in case she squeezed through the gaps at the gate which she discovered. Our doggodmother Sarah Fisher wasn't there so we posed for a picture instead with Auntie Mags before having some (carrot free) lunch and heading home again.
Angel discovered this dustbin lid tethered to the fence.
Personally we prefer free range dustbins
Posing with nice Aunty Mags.
On Monday after we had done zoomies we pottered in the garden and supervised the Madwoman, who is trying to sort out our Grandma's borders. Important job, supervising. If we didn't keep the Madwoman's nose to the grindstone she'd be lolling around in the sun, getting nothing  done at all.

Seen one bluebell, you've seen them all.
Trust us on this.
On Tuesday it was off to the Chiltern Open Air Museum, where they were busy making Easter eggs out of wool, and to check on the progress of the bluebells. 

On Wednesday we did zoomies in the paddocks and thought we were heading home for elevenses when the Madwoman unexpectedly took a detour and we found ourselves in the carpark at the vet's. We breathed a sigh of relief when it turned out we were only there to pick up Angel's meds and to have our monthly weigh-in. 

Today, we're expecting yet more action in the shape of a visit from our Aunty Lisa Page. She says she is going to bring home-grown eggs - real ones you can eat rather than made out of wool. We like eggs. And our Aunty Lisa. 


Joan Lennon said...

You two really are extremely photogenic!

madwippitt said...

Awwww. Thank you. To quote Han Solo: "We know" :-)