Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A special delivery

A huge parcel from Barka Parka arrived recently for us. 
What is it?

No idea. Let's just open it instead of
wasting time playing guessing games
Hmmm. A giant beanbag.
Needs test driving.
Stand aside, this is a job for me.
It's obviously a present for me.
You can make yourself comfy on the sofa instead.
Actually, it's mine.
All mine.
No, it's mine.
Look, I fit perfectly, so it must be.
Wanna bet?
Suppose there's room to share ...


Joan Lennon said...

Wow! That's the biggest beanie
I've ever seenie!

(I get paid by the word, right?)

madwippitt said...

Didn't you read the small print?

But we did enjoy this so much that we are emailing you a selection of gravy bones. Hope they arrive safely!

Joan Lennon said...

I am not worthy ...