Sunday, 20 September 2015

Another day out

We had just got settled in for a Sunday morning lie-in when the Madwoman 
made us get up again, telling us we were having an outing instead.
This is how it went:
 First toilet break, at Reading services.
Well, we'd had our breakfast an hour before and what goes in
must come out ...
It was kind of them to provide a special dog walking area, but in view
of the number of signs around telling the Madwoman to scoop our poop, you'd
think they would provide somewhere for her to dispose of it.
Not really the sort of souvenir you want to take home ...

 Second toilet break at a picnic area.
Lack of poop bins there too.

 Destination arrived!
Turned out to be Tilley Farm.
Here we are admiring the view just before taking a wee break.

 Then it was time for elevenses.
The Madwoman had thoughtfully provided liver bread and turkey for in-car snacks too.

And here is the purpose of our visit: the Madwoman's horse,
who was presented with a sack of carrots and some party balloons for his 30th birthday.
We think he liked the carrots better than the balloons.
And that's our aunty Robyn you can see in the background.


Joan Lennon said...

Scrumptious picnic - and Happy Birthday to Flash!

Penny Dolan said...

Happy birthday to Flash and many more fun times for all.

madwippitt said...

Thank you all. It will be our birthdays soon, and although we like carrots, we much prefer roast turkey. Just saying ...