Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Name calling

We are occasionally asked why we call our human The Madwoman.
We did explain in our very first post, and if you've read any of the others,
you will agree with us that her behaviour is often inexplicable.
Take today for example.
It is dark, chilly and pouring with rain.
We have just got in from a walk and our coats are hanging in the porch, gently dripping into her wellies which are just underneath. (We don't need to tell her about this, as she'll find out soon enough for herself when she sticks her feet into them.)
But that's not the reason (although anyone with a bit more sense would have put their wellies somewhere else.) 
No. It's the fact that we are moving into autumn: the nights are drawing in, there are unlikely to be any heatwaves for at least another seven or eight months, 
and it has been chilly and raining like anything for days and days now. 
So does she buy us new raincoats? 
Warm pj's for snuggling in?
She has bought us a cool coat each to ensure we don't overheat.

Currently she is sitting on the sofa under one of our fleece blankets, watching Ben Hur
on the telly, and eating a Cornetto, because, she says, "It is a Bank Holiday" 
So you can see why we call her The Madwoman.
Besides which, we have to call her something:
'Oy, you' would just be rude.

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Joan Lennon said...

They look a little like judo outfits - is that one of your skills as well?