Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Three Wippeteers

Where's my breakfast?

Angel was incredibly brave on Tuesday: we thought the Madwoman had gone a bit dotty when she omitted to give us breakfast, and then carried on not giving us breakfast even when we reminded her, but it turned out that Angel had to go to the vet for a dental clean up. And apparently if one of us goes without breakfast, then all of us goes without. The Three Musketeers have a lot to answer for.
But her teefs are now sparkly, we have a brand new toothbrush and some more yummy toothpaste, and she even got her picture posted on the vets Facebook page.

A welcome home! 

Just checking

Still feeling a bit woozy but glad to be home 

Dreaming of meals being back on schedule again


Joan Lennon said...

We've got this all to come on Tuesday with Toby and Mal who are going in for a re-arrangement of their nether regions. I'll be glad when it's all over and they're home again!

madwippitt said...

Awwww ... our sympathies ... make sure you have roast turkey at the ready!