Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hot, hot, HOT!

Angel cunningly camouflaged as a shadow in the garden.

We don't like to complain, but we're getting a little fed up with these extremes of weather. First of all it's torrential rain, and now it's heatwave stuff. What's worse, policemen seem to be back to their old tricks of roasting dogs alive in cars. Not a nice way to go. Dogs Trust say they are saddened by it. We're appalled. Make sure your own MadWoman (or MadMan) leaves you safely in the cool at home in this sort of weather.

In the meantime, who do we write to about getting the weather sorted out? Not to complain you understand, just to make a few suggestions ...

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Enid Richemont said...

Deliciously wonderful. We are wippits, wippits forever.And God save the voles.