Thursday, 2 June 2011

Creative boredom

Yesterday afternoon we went luvvie-watching: a film crew had descended on the Chiltern Open Air Museum to film something for Midsomer Murders. It was typical filming stuff: hours of nothing happening, then a break for lunch followed by more hours of nothing happening before cries for silence, a few minutes of activity before everyone packed up and went home. And that was just the rehearsal ... we got bored long before everyone else and wandered off to the coolth of the Iron Age hut before wandering home again, marvelling at the need for so many people, being paid so much for doing so little. We're good at doing very little too, but nobody pays us anything for not doing it, no matter how creatively we don't do it.

Today was more fun: we went volehunting again and as Archie's paw seems fine now he was allowed to chase a gently thrown tennis ball. He came back with it on three legs again. Humph. The Madwoman [we call her that because a) She asks us to do ridiculous things like not chase squirrels which is mad, and b) she's a woman, and c) we can't think of a really good acronym] says no more balls for a bit longer. Oh, and we weren't impressed by her pathetic introduction to us yesterday. We could have done it much better ourselves, had we been allowed: in fact we might do it tomorrow. But right now, like the film crew, we're just far too busy doing nothing ...

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Katherine Roberts said...

My unicorn approves of a blog written by Wippitts! (And I'm loving that swirly background... hmmm, do I feel a unicorn template update coming on...?)

And with a blog like this, you need never be creatively bored again. Good luck, Two Wippitts.

FROM: Katherine Roberts (for some reason your comments refuse to recognise me...)