Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dishing the dirt

You see how little privacy we get?

Considering just how much the Madwoman seems to hate it when we roll in deliciously smelly fox poo (and sometimes other sorts when they're available) we're a bit baffled by her obsession with the stuff that we produce.

We always dutifully go outside to the garden to do what's necessary - even when it's raining hard and it's very tempting not to. Or we go while we're out on a walk. But every single time, she rushes over, produces a little plastic bag and carefully scoops it all up and carries it triumphantly off.

What on earth is the fascination? She doesn't seem to want to roll in it, or even to sniff it and inhale the lovely aroma ... No, all she does is collect it and put each little bag into another, bigger one in a little dustbin with a close fitting lid. After a few days, she goes off with the bag, and comes back without it. She never takes us with her, so we're not sure exactly what she does with it.

We did wonder if she was selling it on some kind of Poo Black Market, but if she is, she isn't being paid in any useful currency, like gravy bones or tripe sticks as she always returns empty handed.

It's a mystery.If anyone can clear it up for us, do please let us know.


horse spotter said...

Ha ha very funny, I think I am off for a roll in some swan poop to freshen up!
Mia the whippet x
occasionally a x whippet too

madwippitt said...

Swan poop eh? Sounds a bit posh for us ...