Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Santa came!

We had a good Christmas, thank you for asking!
There were presents and turkey and games ... and a good haul of treats from our dog-godmother Sarah, which the Madwoman has doled out far too miserly if you ask us.
Archie did get a bit carried away with the festive spirit and leapt on the dining table after the Madwoman had just laid it, overcome by a combination of hunger, excitement and hope that there might be some turkey up there already.
Unfortunately, when the Madwoman shrieked at him and he leapt off it, he knocked over a wine glass and broke it ... he then stole Angel's present (a squeaky rat) and later on ran round the house with one of the Madwoman's furry slippers. Well, they do look like furry toys. Good thing Santa had already been ...

Opening presents!

Angel finds a squeaky rat in hers


The rat thief strikes!
Angel ignores him and plays a rousing chorus of Christmas carols instead on the squeaky doughnut she got from her Auntie Julie. And yes, she knows lots and lots of carols, and insists on giving an encore every time!

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