Wednesday, 5 December 2012


When we woke up this morning the world had turned white ...

Right, that's enough of the frolicking in the snow.
Let us in.

We're a bit late posting again, due to the Madwoman hogging the computer again this week. But just in case you were wondering what we got up to last weekend, we went to the Chiltern Open Air Museum again, this time for their Traditional Chiltern Christmas. Victorians were warbling carols in the church, folk were strolling around sipping Wassail and Hippocras and we found sausage rolls for sale - except that the Madwoman wouldn't buy us one. Typical. We listened to someone playing a harp, and on the right, to Sian who works there, demonstrating a crumhorn. Bet you always wondered what a crumhorn was, didn't you? Well now you know. 


Susan Price said...

Enjoyed this! Sorry to mention the 'c' word, but I was watching Norwegian Forest Cats on YouTube last night, and there was one billed as 'NFC in Snow' because, of course, they're supposed to love snow. Throughout film, it was plain that the cat wanted nothing more than to get back inside to the fire.
A & A showed more staying power! But fully sympathise with their deciding they'd had enough. Snow, in my opinion, is a delight that quickly palls

madwippitt said...

Yes, snow is fine to look at, but no fun at all when you need to have a pee or a poo! (Doubly horrible for girl dogs who squat for both)