Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Yellow Dog Project

This is us, out for a walk.
You'll notice there's a yellow ribbon tied to each of our leads.
This means that if you see us coming, please give us space - in our case it's because we're scared of other dogs, and don't appreciate strange mutts, no matter how friendly, running up and giving us kisses.
If you're a person, we quite like the kisses and being stroked - provided you've introduced yourself properly and politely first - and especially if you also have some roast turkey about your person that you'd like to give us.
But this doesn't apply to all dogs - some are scared of people too.
So look out for yellow ribbons - you can find out more about them and what they mean at the Yellow Dog Project HERE


Joan Lennon said...

Thank you - I didn't know about this.

madwippitt said...

You're welcome!
We are now trying to persuade the Madwoman to wear a tabard with 'Owner bites' written on it. Maybe Santa will bring her one.