Saturday, 27 October 2012

More birthday celebrations!

Yesterday it was Archie's turn to have a birthday.

First of all, there was a card to be opened from our Great uncle and his dog Sophie, all the way from America. We had to share it - it was Angel's birthday last week.
After carefully checking there wasn't any turkey hidden inside, we put it on display on the mantelpiece.

We went for a birthday run in the morning, then for another, more leisurely birthday walk in the afternoon. The Madwoman thought it would be entertaining to wander round the Chiltern Open Air Museum, where they were revving up for their annual Halloween Spooktacular evening. But you can read more about what we saw there next week on the 31st!

 We did find some very spooky toadstools too ...
And then it was time for presents!
Angel had one too - it was her present from last week wrapped up again. The Madwoman is such a cheapskate.

I got a squeaky stuffed cow.

Angel was quite happy to be reunited with her squeaky raccoon, which had mysteriously gone missing the day after her birthday. And now we know why ...
And at last - the birthday dinner.
Yes, we had turkey!


Joan Lennon said...

Happy birthday, Archie! Hope your paw is all better.

madwippitt said...

Thank you Joan! And the paw is much improved!

Penny Dolan said...

Was looking for the Red Paw too! Glad he was much improved. Am now trying to work out if family would notice if I tried that cunning present re-wrapping trick?

madwippitt said...

I wasn't fooled for one minute Penny, so I bet your family wouldn't be either! But I was very pleased to get my present back - I've kept it close by me ever since, just in case the Madwoman was thinking about thieving it back again and giving it to me for Christmas as well.