Wednesday, 31 October 2012


We went on the Halloween walk at the Chiltern Open Air Museum last Friday - we always go during the afternoon rather than when it is dark, with the trail lit by candles and pumpkin heads. We think the Madwoman is worried it might be a bit too scary for us, but we think this is just an excuse and it's really the other way round. First up was this spooky spook in one of the barns - it fluttered and made eerie rustly sounds as the breeze caught it.
Then we found this pair out in the woods. Careful, you could have someone's eye out with that. Oh, you already have. Your own ...

And then there were the huge bats overhead everywhere ...

We tracked down three of the COAM witches responsible for some of this. You can tell they are witches because they are weraring pointy hats. It's a sure sign of a witch.
Hmmm ... two scarecrows evidently got a bit careless playing round the harrow.
Should have stuck to scaring crows.
 More bats ... Good thing we like bats. The Madwoman watches them flittering about in the back garden in summer.

Not so keen on these though. A monster spider crawling out of the dunny.  Personally we prefer to use the huge bathroom that is the great outdoors. Although you do need to be careful about nettles and thistles. Long wet grass or deep snow isn't good either. But at least there's no risk of a bite on the bum from a spider!

Another toilet ... with a mummy sitting on it. If there's a nationwide shortage of toilet paper this year, you'll know who to hold responsible ...

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