Saturday, 20 October 2012

It's my birthday!

It was Angel's birthday on Thursday!
After jumpoing into bed with the Madwoman for a cuddle, I started the day by picking out a pretty collar to wear for my birthday walk
When we got back it was time to open my present!
Apparently there's a birthday card from our great uncle in America too, but as I have to share it with Archie we have to wait to open it until it's his birthday next week.
A squeaky raccoon!Just what I wanted!
Archie got a present too. A new squeaky ball.

And finally it's turkey time!
Yes, a birthday tea with turkey at last!

And then, just time before bed to play a bit more with my squeaky raccoon ...


Joan Lennon said...

I tried to sing Happy Birthdyay to You in time to the squeaks but it just sounded as if I had hiccoughs!

Enjoy your turkey!

madwippitt said...

But at least you got into the spirit of the day!