Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Eye, eye

Recovering after a visit to the vet.

It's been a busy couple of days for us.

On Monday morning we helped rescue a Bulldog that was wandering around in the middle of the road as we were on our way home from our walk. Or at least the Madwoman rescued him while we sat in the car and barked at him, to make sure he knew she belonged to us and that he certainly wasn't coming home with us. Anyway, we don't get enough food as it is with this diet we're on, let alone enough to share it.

As she was struggling to hang onto him with one hand and read his ID discs and ring his owners with the other, a kindly dustbin man stopped and gave her a bit of rope to serve as a lead. Then he kindly read off the phone number while the Madwoman dialled it into her mobile. Turned out he'd read out the vets number instead of the owners, so a certain amount of confusion ensued as the Madwoman enquired whether they were missing a dog and could they please come and collect it. We helped by barking a bit more.

Eventually the right number was dialled and the Bulldog was duly led off. We were about to settle down for a nap when our god mother called in. The Madwoman tells us she is a Famous Person. We just call her the Godmother. Although she's quite good about dishing out the treats, so maybe we should really call her Treatswoman.

The Godmother aka Sarah Fisher

Yesterday was fairly uneventful but today when we got in from our walk the Madwman noticed that Archie was squinting a bit with his right eye. So no sooner had we got our walking kit off and were hovering expectantly near our food bowls for a bit of grub than the kit went straight back on, we were dragged away from our empty bowls and made to go to the vet.

Archie has a bit of ulceration in his eye. So some ointment for his eye, but no pointy needles thank goodness.

No extra treats either we've noticed.