Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lean times

Starving, we are, starving. What's in this bag then? Anything to eat?

We were carted off to the vet on Monday for our annual check up and to get some wormers. We were not thrilled, although at least there were no pointy needles involved. Angel got some tasty chewable wormers, but Archie doesn't like his at all: he has mastered the art of sucking off the cheese or sausage they are hidden in and spitting out the tablet. Of course although they don't taste good, this does have the advantage that the tablet has to be inserted into yet another tasty treat intended to disguise it, and so on, until the tablet eventually disappears ... It's a good game although not one that the Madwoman appears to enjoy. The extra calories are gratefully received though, as the bad news from the vet was that we are both a trifle overweight. Consequently we are now on diets and being encouraged to participate in all sorts of calorie burning games. Please send emergency food parcels as soon as possible - in a discreet brown wrapper of course, so the Madwoman doesn't guess ...

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