Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Put on your red shoes!

Archie all suited, booted and ready to rock.

Well, to walk carefully.

Today Archie put on his red shoes, although there wasn't much dancing - or ball chasing come to that. There is still a lot of snow lying around and it has frozen solid, creating a surface that is really abrasive on our pads. It's like running on sandpaper - and where the top crust is broken, even worse, more like running on razor blades. Archie suffers more than Angel, so had his red rubber booties on this morning: it's still uncomfortable walking on the frozen snow, but at least it doesn't slice his feet open. Even Angel got a bit sore this morning though. Hopefully it will thaw any minute now and will all be gone by tomorrow so that normal running activities can recommence, otherwise Angel will be wearing red booties too. Although at least they will match her jumper.


Penny Dolan said...

Oooh! Makes my own feet hurt just to hear about Archie's poor feet. He doesn't seem very pleased to have new shoes though.

madwippitt said...

They are a bit of a girlie colour ... but better red booties than sore paws!