Saturday, 25 March 2017

Forward planning

Tonight sees months and months of
thoughtful forward planning on our part
finally coming to fruition.
While the rest of the world will wake up tomorrow all bleary eyed
and feeling jet lagged after the clocks have shot forward an hour,
the Madwoman will leap from bed, fresh as a daisy.
This is because we have selflessly been getting her into training for tomorrow
by waking her up at 5am every morning.
She should be really grateful to us, but we bet she isn't.
In the meantime, please send any spare turkey morsels you
have going spare to us: Archie has tweaked something in his paw and is
hopping around on three legs looking sorrowful. Laser and homeopathic remedies and
ice packs have been applied, but we have more faith in the miraculous curative effects
of turkey.
Waiting for turkey 
Being bored because
walks are temporarily suspended until Archie is sound again

1 comment:

Joan Lennon said...

I know - why don't you completely surprise her by sleeping in? How funny would that be???