Saturday, 4 March 2017

Getting crafty

We've been keeping the Madwoman on her toes recently -
well someone has to, and we never shirk a challenge.
Because we are having lots of therapies at the moment,
including homeopathy with our nice Uncle Chris Day,
and acupuncture and laser with our new Aunty Phillipa,
plus various food additives to keep our tums and brains working properly,
we are apparently running up quite a few bills.
The Madwoman's horse Flash is also doing his bit -
we will be visiting him soon to congratulate him on his efforts.
This means that the Madwoman has been busy
making needlefelt thingummies,
which she hopes to sell to try and pay for some of our bills.
Work in progress on the thingummies
More work in progress.
A bigger table might be handy.
At the same she is busy making papier mache houndies
ready for the Kim's Home auction which will be kicking off 
near the beginning of May.
Naturally we are helping her as she glues and mutters and stabs and screams
(because she spends quite a lot of time stabbing her finger).
We are doing this by keeping out of her way.
That's us.
As always, supremely helpful.


Joan Lennon said...

One of the reasons I dislike the new Blogger setup is that I don't get told in any sensible fashion when you have a new blog up, which is why I'm only dropping in now - same goes for the one before this one! The needlefelt thingummies look lovely - let me know when they go on sale! Meantime, I hope your collective bottoms are behaving ...

madwippitt said...

It's very kind of you to drop by at all - thank you! The distraction from all the screaming and muttering is very welcome :-)

Jalan Tokek said...

haloo i like your blog

Joan Lennon said...

Oh dear, looks like you've picked up some spam - hope it didn't follow me in!