Monday, 20 March 2017

A bit of education

Yes, we missed posting a blog last week.
We know.
As usual, the blame can be laid firmly at
the feet of the Madwoman, who had failed to tell us
in advance that she has decided that in future
Sundays will be computer-free days.
So, plainly we cannot be held responsible.
We did put the time to good use though:
We took the Madwoman out for a brisk walk.
We spotted a seat that we'd never noticed before 
And yesterday we went to visit the ginger one at Bath.
We stopped along the way for a bit of education.
We are now recovering from car lag, which is a bit like
jet lag only without the jet, or having to travel to other countries.
Although Bath is a bit like another country:
we have noticed that there are lots of hills, but they lack the graceful elegance
of our own local ones. Bath hills are rather lumpy.
And much, much muddier and slippier.

1 comment:

Joan Lennon said...

A computer-free day! She's not so mad after all!