Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas round up

Has it really been that long since our last blog?
Although we have been busy ... hope you all had a good Christmas. 
Ours went like this: 
First of all we had to pose in our new Christmas jumpers.
Nice and warm and snuggly, and its not that we're ungrateful, but we really wanted to get on
with the presents and the turkey.
But oh no. We were redressed in our Tron outfits and forced to
go out for a Christmas walk. The Madwoman reckoned it would help us work up an appetite
for Christmas lunch.
As if we needed any exercise to help us stuff ourselves with turkey ...
Finally we got round to present unwrapping ... we had presents from Grandma, our Madwoman, our Auntie Ju and our doggodmother Sarah. Hope they aren't all expecting
us to write thank you letters. We're only just catching up with our blog and
Facebook pages.
Our Grandma immediately tried to steal one of Archie's presents,
a honking crocodile. She said she was just trying to play with it with him.
But we know better. Pensioners are getting a bit out of order these days.
We politely removed it from her before she could try and
take it home, pretending it was hers. 

Angel sensibly took her presents a safe distance away, out of reach
of Grandma's light fingers ...
And then, at last, it was Turkey Time!
As you won't want to watch us eating, we'll leave you with a musical interlude instead...


Susan Price said...

Glad to see you whippets had a good Christmas - and you look very cute and cuddly in your new jumpers!

madwippitt said...

Thank you Susan Price! We try to make the best of everything ...

Joan Lennon said...

I want a harlequin jumper!!!!!

madwippitt said...

We don't do sharing, Joan :-)