Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A field trip

We went on a field trip at the weekend.
Yes, it's definitely a field
We have lots of those at home.
Why have we come all the way to Bath to look at a field?
Hang on, there's something in it.
Apart from grass.
Yes, it appears to be a Flash.
The Madwoman shrieked and yelled at him but he's going a bit deaf.
Well, that was the reason the Madwoman gave for him ignoring her at first.
But then he spotted the carrot and suddenly it was action stations.
So now you know.
If you want to get a Flash's attention,
forget all the jumping about and yelling like a banshee.
Just make a noise like a carrot.


Joan Lennon said...

We need audio!

madwippitt said...

But making a noise like a carrot is easy ...