Saturday, 12 December 2015

Vacancy filled ...

We didn't realise it, but apparently the post of Whippoet Laureate was empty.
But there's no need for you all to rush to apply, because the vacant seat
has already been filled,
by none other than the wonderfully talented and whippet-loving Joan Lennon* (we shall not dwell on the kitties)

In an appropriate burst of enthusiasm to earn both our approval and her stipend, here is the haiku she composed in our honour: 

                                               Sleek and swift as swifts
in flight, you light on land just
once in every bound.

We love it Joan!
Your first gravy bone will be in the post later today!

* She also writes stonkingly good books, which it is often hard to drag The Madwoman's nose out of. Find out more HERE

And this is us doing zoomies like in the haiku.


Susan Price said...

Lovely photos. Brings back happy memories of whippet zoomies.

madwippitt said...

Lovely haiku too :-) And come and watch us again Sue!

Joan Lennon said...

It's an honour! I think maybe limericks next, though I could do with some rhyme help for Archie (starchy?) AND Angel (?) ... wippites (snippets?) ... hmmm

madwippitt said...

Ooooh! You play Wonky Donkey too?

Joan Lennon said...

What's Wonky Donkey?????