Saturday, 30 January 2016

Happy Paws ... and noses ...

A&A: Hallo Sue!

Sue:  Hello. 

A&A: It’s lovely to have you here on our blog. Did you by any chance bring any roast turkey with you?

Sue: No, but thank you for inviting me along to talk to you today

A&A: Or sucking pig perhaps? We’re not fussy, either will do …

Sue: No, maybe next time
A&A: So what’s that you’re holding? We suppose it’s another one of the Madwoman’s mad ideas?

Sue: It’s a Snufflemat.

A&A: Well it’s very pretty. What do we do with it apart from admire it? No, wait, let us guess … it’s a mat, so we wipe our feet on it, right? We’ll need a bigger one than that …

 Sue: No, it’s not for your feet. There’s a big clue in the name … SNUFFLE mat.

A&A: Oh, of course! Obviously we blow our noses on it?

Sue: Nooooooooooo!!!!!!   Not unless you want salty treats!  It’s another ploy of the Madwoman to challenge your noses and brains.  It is made from anti-fatigue matting and high quality fleece strips (which I have to cut to width and length myself), then the strips are threaded through the holes and knotted, and here you have one I made earlier.  The Madwoman can now put treats into it, burying them amongst the fleece strips, and you have to use your scenting skills to find them, then use your brain to work out how to get at it.  I’m told by my doggies that it is brilliant fun as well as there being a treat to eat at the end of it.

A&A: What sort of treats do you stuff in it?

Sue:  You can use all sorts, as long as it is reasonably dry.  I like to use dehydrated tuna cake, but others use bought treats, or your meal kibble – I know people sometimes use the snuffle mat to feed their dogs that eat really quickly as it slows them down.  Wet treats will make it rather smelly and sticky and then it will require washing more often.

A&A: So it’s washable? Not that we hold out any great hope that the ever-slothful Madwoman will actually bestir herself to work out how to use the washing machine … but just in case …

Sue:  Even the slothful Madwoman will be able to keep this clean for you, especially if she sticks to dry treats.  But if she does ever work out how to use the washing machine, she can stick it in there on a wash at 30 or 40 degrees.  Remember to remind her though that when drying it is best to hang it upside down so the fleece strips dry quicker so that you can use it again soon.  If she really can’t work out how to use the washing machine, she can wash it by hand.
A&A: Just one last question … is it possible to buy one which is pre-loaded with roast turkey? 

Sue: Unfortunately not, but perhaps if you ask the Madwoman nicely, she will dehydrate some for you and put it in …. ps. Tell her dehydrated steak is really good too.

Don’t forget to tell all your doggy friends about the snuffle mats, I am sure they would love one too.  I make lots of different sizes, from tiny ones for little delicate dogs, to extra large for your bigger friends.  The prices start at £12 for the tiny ones, and go up to £22 for the extra large.  Postage and packaging is charged extra dependent on size and choice of first class or second, etc. 

To satisfy owners colour preferences, they have lots of choices of colours - some just like a couple of colours, while others, like the Madwoman, like the multicolours ones.

And if they don’t like the snuffle mats, I also make a range of doggy tuggies.  Tell them to go to my Facebook Page:  Happy Paws with Sue, or my website:, or if they don’t have internet access or want to discuss any specific requirements they can email me on

Thank you for inviting me to guest on your blog, and may you have many happy hours seeking out treats in the snuffle mat.

A&A: Oh we will! Thank you for visiting and thank you for our Snuffle mat! We’re just off to ensure that the Madwoman puts enough treats in … and maybe to suggest experimenting with roast turkey ...


madwippitt said...

During the week we will be posting pics of us using our Snufflemat ...

Joan Lennon said...

Brilliant idea - looks great!

madwippitt said...

Sorry Joan, you'll have to get your own. We share only with each other. Apparently cats like them too, so maybe your kitties would be prepared to let you join in the fun?