Sunday, 2 August 2015

This is the week that was

Another busy week for us ...

Started off cold enough for pj's 

Then it got wet enough that the knights from the weekend before had to leave their
canvas tent behind in the hopes it might dry off

 Then it did warm up enough that there was an outbreak of caterpillars on the nasturtiums.
Numbers beyond counting, but we don't have a wide-angle enough lens to show you.
Warm enough in fact that by the weekend we found a
barbecue set up on the village green at Chiltern Open Air Museum.
We thought things were looking up, but it turned
out to be the campfire for Sharpes Rifles and a whole load
of rioteers working themselves up for a second Peterloo

We did find out how many people it took to dress a soldier though.

So hot did it get that even the fence posts needed
protection against sunstroke.
So we went home to top up our tans.

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Joan Lennon said...

Oh good heavens I saw that first photo and thought you were in hospital! Or possibly jail. Thank goodness it was neither!