Monday, 31 August 2015

Small print in the Magna Carta

 It was Magna Carta weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum ...

We didn't spot Prince John or the Sherriff of Nottingham but a relative of Maid Marion chatted away to the Madwoman about her rather posh water jug thingy. We didn't pay much attention ourselves as there were some rather distracting smells ...
We rushed the Madwoman past the Robin Hood's merry men ...
... and found a sossidge stall.
We reminded the Madwoman about the inalienable rights of all wippitts to sossidges, as stipulated in the small print of Magna Carta. 
And anyway, she had promised to buy us sossidges the next time there was a stall. 
And a promise is a promise.  
Nom nom nom.
But not big enough when you are sharing between three.
Especially when you consider the size of the Madwoman's gob.
We are considering demanding an amendment to the Magna Carta to ensure a whole sossidge each next time.

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