Monday, 17 August 2015

Hiring out

We were a bit bemused when we arrived at Chiltern Open Air Museum at the weekend to find this sign. What could it mean? Running grass? Hot and cold trees?
We thought we should investigate further ...
Aha! We thought. A sub-branch of the Eden Project!
Another sign.
Not as sharp as us!
A bit further on we found Tudor peasants.
We unerringly led the way to the cooking demo.
Sadly, not demonstrating the right way to cook sucking pig.
There never is any sucking pig, as we have observed before.
And on this occasion not even any sucking sossidges.

So we took ourselves and the Madwoman off for a stroll through the woods.
Unfortunately when we got to this point she started singing 'Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen' disturbing the peace and quiet.
We hurried her on.
Such was the racket that the squirrels were pretty disturbed too.
One ran away and hid up this tree, probably with its paws over its ears, and refused to come down to play with us.
So we hied our merry way back to the village green where there was a Tudor
hiring fair in full flow. Not surprisingly, there were no takers for the
Madwoman, and so, dear Reader, we took her home again.
At least she has stopped singing. 
For the moment.

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