Tuesday, 25 August 2015


It has been drawn to our attention that we have become mascots for Authors Electric (you can find out ore about them on their blog HERE or FB page HERE)
When the world beats a path to your door, you can of course, only be gracious and modest about it: fortunately we are both incredibly gracious and modest, 
so will not have to do too much practising. 
But an icon cannot live by adoration alone, no matter how well meant and well-deserved. Hath not a wippitt paws, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? If you prick us, do we not bleed? (Although attempt the latter at your own peril) If you tickle us, do we not roll over and demand more? 
So we are wondering if we might - delicately - enquire about what our fee? 
We are quite happy to be receive payment in gravy bones, roast turkey and sossidges. 
See, we are not fussy at all. Just hungry. Not fame hungry, just peckish hungry, as the Madwoman never gives us quite as much to eat as we'd like.
There are always a few corners to fill.
Awaiting our just desserts.
Just fill the buckets with sossidges and gravy bones.
We'll tell you when to stop.


Joan Lennon said...

Do you like chicken or does it have to be turkey?

Susan Price said...

Whippets, you shall have all the short stories you want.

madwippitt said...

Chicken is very acceptable Joan. We are glad to see you have the right idea. Susan, the stories will be lovely, so long as they are filling and are turkey, sossidge (or chicken) flavoured ...