Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Blank Holiday

We didn't post at the weekend because it was a Bank Holiday.
Because we don't actually have a bank account of our own we thought we'd
celebrate it by having a Blank Holiday instead and not blogging.

We did get out to Chiltern Open Air Museum for our usual  weekend stroll though.
We hadn't gone far when we found this horse poo.
Normally the Madwoman gets very excited when we do poos, carefully gathering them up
in plastic bags. After all that effort she doesn't even take it home to sniff at later, but stuffs it in a red bin. Beats us. She wasn't at all interested in scooping this one up though. 
Maybe she didn't have a bag big enough ...

We thought this was very interesting though.
Unfortunately we missed the bit where they scattered the heavy horse seeds and
missed seeing them grow altogether, but we did get to see a fully grown one,
so it's obviously a successful scheme.
And less scary than the skeletons from dragon's teeth ...

Proof that growing your own heavy horse is easy.
Although stopping it looks more difficult ...

And on Sunday we caught up on our zzzzzzs ....


Joan Lennon said...

You two really appreciate a sun spot - it shows in your faces!

Susan Price said...

I envy you the heavy horses, whippets. Will you be planting them on the allotment?