Sunday, 24 May 2015

Quo vadis?

We do!
Yes, it's Roman Gladiator weekend at Chiltern Open Air Museum, so no guesses about where we went for an afternoon stroll ...
The Madwoman said it would be educational.
We think she just wanted to snigger at half naked men whacking away
at each other, also pretending it was all in the interests of being educational.
Anyway, they say a picture speaks a thousand words, so we'll take you on a pictorial tour, so you can see just what we learned. And you won't be able to complain that our blog doesn't give you value for money.
A dread portal.
No idea why it's dread.
But they always are.
We pointed out the sausage stand to the Madwoman, but they weren't ready. 
The Madwoman moved us on, saying that a watched sausage never cooks.
We were happy to wait and see if there was any truth in this, but
she has no patience.
Pffft. We were in the right place but at the wrong time.

Hmmm... skinned fox ...

Skinned wolf ... barbarians these Romans.
We moved on. Quickly.
Before they were overcome with the urge to
demonstrate how it was done.

Two chips off an old block.Appeared to be making matchsticks.

 A bit of practice fighting before
the big fights ...

A half naked man with a bow and arrows

The Romans appear to have invented the mini skirt as demonstrated here.
Not keen on that shade of yellow.
Or those knees ...
The Romans were also very technologically advanced
as shown by their grasp of a a tannoy system

We think this was a demonstration of passive resistance

And then we went home. The Madwoman has threatened us with a return visit tomorrow. She'd better remember to take some money for sossidges ... 
If you want to see a bit more action, trek over to the Chiltern Open Air Museum FB page HERE
where the Madwoman has posted a video. 


Joan Lennon said...

I feel educated ... in the need for more clothes!

Susan Price said...

Thank you, whippets. Entertaining and informative.

madwippitt said...

Yes, plenty of bare naked facts there ...