Sunday, 10 May 2015

Election fever. And other stuff

We were a bit disturbed to find that in the recent elections
we hadn't been invited to vote.
And when we tried to send the Madwoman to vote on our behalf
we were even more disturbed to discover that there was no Whippet Party. Or even Dog Party.
It does however, explain rather a lot. 
We shall be prepared for the next election though, and are busy
preparing our Manifesto - or rather, our Doggyfesto.
So far we have:

All breeds are equal (although whippets have a slight edge)
Equal rights for all breeds.
Gravy bones available on demand.
Humans allowed on the bed provided they don't take up too much duvet space.

We also have a slogan: "Whippets of the world unite: you have nothing to lose but your leashes." Although in view of our Doggyfesto point number one, we may have to change 'whippets' to 'dogs'.

While pondering over other items to include, we went for a brain-clearing session at Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Don't care if the May is out, it';s still too cold to cast my clout.
Or my Equalfleece.

We tried Baa-Ram-Ewe and can report that it doesn't work.
Although in a hard-staring contest, Archie wins every time.

Now back to the Doggyfesto. A wippitt's work is never done.

1 comment:

Susan Price said...

I'd much sooner have you in power, whippets, than the monkeys we have now.