Monday, 13 May 2013

Chiltern Extreme Whippets

Up at Chiltern Open Air Museum yesterday to see the heavy horses ...
We assume the term 'heavy horses' is just a polite way of calling them fat.
Seems like a tough way of burning off calories, having to drag humans along behind you.
Or maybe they couldn't afford a motorboat and waterskis.
Or just can't swim.

Mind you, we know all about having to tow humans along ...
we took the Madwoman along the course for the Chiltern Extreme Warrior event which
had been held there the day before.

Are you sure it's right and not straight on?

Obviously a Woozle trap:
everyone knows that if you want to catch a Heffalump
you have to dig a pit for it to fall into.

A pond had been made.
Not having brought our wellies with us,
we went round the edge instead.

Yes, we think we can find our way from here!
Chiltern Extreme Whippets, that's us!
And now, we think that refreshments are in order ...

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