Tuesday, 7 May 2013

We are amused

We had a busy Bank Holiday weekend, but on the Sunday we made time to visit one of our regular haunts, the Chiltern Open Air Museum.
They lay on lots of things to entertain us during the summer, and this weekend provided some wannabe jousters.
Our eyes were drawn to this ...

 We wondered if St. George was maybe trying to get in touch with his inner dragon?
Or perhaps acting as bait to try and draw it out of it's lair?
As we watched him striding briskly up and down, in the end we decided that these were silly ideas, and that obviously he was actually an early medieval hang glider. 
The Madwoman, ever a picker-of-nits, kept pointing out to us all the anachronisms, such as this medieval horse kitted up in very modern English saddlery ... but we went one better and pointed out to her ...
 A horse wearing pyjamas!

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