Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Day

Today is May Day!
And so naturally the Madwoman roused us from our snuggly warm beds at 5 am to go see some Morris Men dancing in the dawn at a nearby pub.
It's jolly cold at 5 am, even if it is May Day. We waited shivering in our coats while the Madwoman tried to find the ice scraper as all the car windows were frozen solid.
We hoped she might give up and we could all go back to bed, but unfortunately she spotted it hiding under a seat. 

At one point they all started whacking away at each other with some sticks, but they weren't a very good aim, and not one of them got a telling blow through.

And no, we have no idea which one was Morris, and some of them weren't even men.
We are baffled by it all, but not so much so that it has stopped us going back to bed. Again.

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