Friday, 28 September 2012

Another busy week

Yes, we know we haven't blogged for a week now, but we really have been very busy. Honest.
First of all this lot turned up to reduce the hedge to a more sensible height after the Madwoman's slothfulness let it get out of control.
We offered to supervise, but the Madwoman declined our offer and suggested we might like to spend some time in our crates, out of the way, instead. As our crates are next to the radiator, and being in them involves being plied with tripe sticks and other treats, to assuage the Madwoman's feelings of guilt at us being confined in them, we didn't argue too much.


 And then we got dragged off to watch this lot at the annual Whiteleaf archery club's Longbow Championships. The Madwoman was going to participate but the rain was coming down sideways. Can't say we're suprised hardly anyone turned out.
Once we'd got good and soaked spectating, the Madwoman insisted on going for a walk as well. We humoured her for a few yards and then Archie told her that enough was enough. We then spent the rest of the day huddled under fleeces, trying to dry out our ears.
 Although we have raincoats, they do nothing to keep our extremities dry.
And in the few sunny spells between the rain storms we've been catching up on a little sunbathing. Got to make the most of it when it's there!


Jane Badger said...

Oh, how well I know that feeling of hedges out of control. There are so many things in life which are more interesting than trimming greenery.

madwippitt said...

We so agree with you Jane! Sniffing stuff, rolling in poo, eating grass, chasing squeaky tennis balls, stalking voles ... well, I'm sure your own Dog will complete the list for you.