Monday, 17 September 2012


At the weekend we went mingling again up at the Open Air Museum.
A film crew had taken up residence outside one of the cottages, filming a book trailer.

Much more exciting was the village of tents springing up all over the green.
The Madwoman asked about the Royal Standard being flown from one of the tents.
Did it mean the King was in residence? she asked.
Someone muttered something about John of Gaunt being expected later.
Oh yeah, weren't all his offspring barred from ever being able to succeed to the throne by Henry VII or someone? the Madwoman enquired.
There was more muttering from the re-enactors and one of the peasants exclaimed
"What?! Really?"
"We're from an earlier period than that" explained another. 
  Trust the Madwoman to spoil the plot for them.

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