Monday, 6 August 2012


"Historia est vitae magistra" announced the Madwoman yesterday.
Apparently this meant that when we got to the Open Air Museum for our usual weekend jaunt we were in for another dose of education,
courtesy of the Romans this time.
We quite like the Romans actually.
The ones in armour tend to clank a bit, but they all come and stroke and admire us.
Here are the ones that clank, attempting to intimidate the audience
with their huge pilums. No-one actually screamed or fainted though.

They tried again, this time waving their swords at us.
We stood our ground.
After all, audaces fortuna invat.

One of them fell over in his enthusiasm to attack the audience.
Of course we didn't laugh.
Well, not much.

It started to rain.
This is supposed to be the famous 'Tortoise' (or Testudo if you're a Roman and therefore can't speak proper English) formation, but we think they hadn't brought any umbrellas and were just trying to keep dry.

This was more like it. This is Sosia at Sosia's kitchen.
She'd brought along some Roman food including an apple and cinnamon cake.
The Madwoman actually shared some with us, and we also snaffled up a slice of apple which fell on the grass and no-one else seemed to want for some reason.

And here the lady demonstrating make-up
flashed her knickers at us.
So now we know what Romans wear under their togas. 

Someone called out that lunch was ready.
Unfortunately, when we got there, they didn't mean us.
It smelled good, too, but no-one offered to share.
Maybe next time. Illegitimi non carborundum!

(Of course we understand Latin. 
We're dogs, so naturally we understand every word you say.)


Joan Lennon said...

What's the Latin for "Show us yer knickers!"?

madwippitt said...

Ostendere bracis nobis, Joan! Well, not you, personally of course, we are far too polite: just answering your question.
Anyway, we would far rather see your sucking pig, or roast capon or even a rind of cheese would be quite welcome ...