Sunday, 12 August 2012

Off we go again

Guess where we went this weekend?
Yep, the Open Air Museum.
Still, if anyone is likely to have a roast sucking pig,
surely it'll be the Saxons and Vikings?
We live in hope, so off we went. 
Here's a Saxon lurcher.
If he looks a bit blurry it's because we're a bit scared
of other dogs, so we had our eyes half shut, pretending that
he wasn't really there.

Ah, here we are, the campfire.
What do you mean, there's no sucking pig?
No, we don't want strawberries, thank you, we have plenty of those at home.
As well as a Saxon lurcher, there was a Saxon Staffy and a Saxon Springer Spaniel - no sucking Pug fortunately, as they are REALLY scary the way they snort and snuffle at us.
But enough dogs to make us decide not to check out the Saxon kitchen too closely.

The Madwoman spotted that the scaffolding had gone from around Haddenham cottage, and the blue tarpaulin on the roof: we've watched it grow from its foundations, and she was quite excited to see it nearing completion.

We didn't really have time to take it in - we were too busy keeping a watchful eye on the Saxon dogs.
Just in case. 

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